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- Posted on 26 Jan 2015, Pastor: Ntsuab Pov Yaaj

Daily Bible Verse

“Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

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What’s the Meaning of Life

Posted on 26 Jan 2015, Pastor: Ntsuab Pov Yaaj

Reading the Scripture

Posted on 26 Jan 2015

The Compassion of Christ

Posted on 26 Jan 2015, Pastor: Ntsuab Pov Yaaj

Church Ministries

Children's Ministry

Children are born with an innate sense of wonder and faith that is real and authentic. As teachers and leaders our role is to provide a foundation of experiences on which children build a life of learning and growth toward a mature and vital faith.
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Youth and Young Adults

The Youth and Young Adults program at Christway UMC is a great way for our young adults to learn about the word of Jesus and become the future leaders in Christ and in life.
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Sunday School

ChristWay UMC provides a full curriculum for Sunday School from grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.
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Christway UMC Women

Kwv koj tug ntoo khaublig cawm Tswv Yexus moog.
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Christway UMC Men

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Leadership Council 2015-2016

The Leadership Council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources for Christway UMC. It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church.


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